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I’m SO glad you’re here!

I’m Jennifer - mama to 3 beautiful children, photographer and oiler.

A little about my photography journey: When my first child was born, I bought my first SLR camera and used that baby for years on auto. Then as they got older, it spent more and more time in my closet. After my 3rd child was born, a passion came over me and I wanted to learn how to use manual mode. Since then I’ve taken many photos of my children and it makes my heart sing when I do. I’ve been blessed to have many families trust me with their family photos as well.

A little about my wellness/oily journey:

When my oldest two children were tots, I was concerned about the household products we were using and what that could mean for their health. I remember researching at the time and concluding that laundry detergent and cleaners were some of the most toxic items in most households. I switched my products to a company that I can’t even remember the name of now and continued to use those products for many years.

As my children got older, I slowly found my way back to those nasty cleaners. When my third child was born, I again became increasingly concerned about the cleaners we were using. I researched more this time - and was completely horrified at some of the findings. Environmental factors play a HUGE role in our health and luckily we can decide what we bring into our homes. I vowed to only use safe, natural products for our home and stumbled across essential oils and have never looked back.

Young Living essential oils are the best that exist and promote wellness and support our bodies and emotions. Their Thieves cleaning line replaces EVERY SINGLE cleaner that you have in your home - and they are non-toxic. I was hooked! I slowly have been trying every single product that they have and. a year later, this has turned into the most abundant and rewarding business AND my family’s health benefits from it. <3

I hope you take a look around. I plan to share with you my motherhood, photography and wellness journey!

Jen xx